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Hey hey hello! My name is Ashley Kindall a.k.a. The BeautyGawd and am a licensed cosmetologist. I offer a variety of services; however, also provide tangible products one will enjoy. Take a look around and upgrade your style with these amazing items. See you soon!


The Hillary Collection

The Hillary Collection

This collection is inspired by the popular character, Hillary Banks. The Hillary... 

  • Press-Shaaa

    Press-Shaaa is the press-on line made by the BeautyGawd. They are all handcrafted, reusable and come with all you'd need to apply!

  • Accessories

    Get your accessory game up, gworls! Shop BeautyGawd jewelry essentials.

  • Personal Care

    BeautyGawd provides select items catered to our many beauty needs. Check them out!